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- ImageKonverter can open and save in the common image formats:

Input/Output BMP
Input/Output JPG
Input/Output JPEG
Input/Output PNG
Input PBM
Input PGM
Input/Output PPM
Input/Output XBM
Input/Output XPM

- Cross-Platform:
ImageKonverter is a program that runs perfectly in Windows Systems (NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7) and Linux, using the Qt4 UI Framework.

- Batch Conversion:
With ImageKonverter you can process hundreds of images, accessible by an intuitive list and a related image preview.

- User Friendly User Interface:
The interface helps you to keep all information and options under control with a rapid menu and a movable toolbar, because is designed for be easy and intuitive.

- Image Resizing:
ImageKonverter provides smooth image scaling and allows you to choose between a pergentage or absolute resizing method. Moreover, you can keep Aspect Ration and not enlarge images out of original size.

- Compression:
Have huge files? No problem! Now you can choose the size of the output file with an easy slider!

- Renaming:
Want to keep the original images? ImageKonverter can rename files with a default or fully customizable suffix.





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